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In the Vicinity of Coherence (Yoga), Hostile Tendencies are Eliminated

The Science of Invincibility

Below is a video to summarize the historical details of increase coherence of Maharishi Effect in the world.

It is important for meditators and Sidha to really look into the facts, figure and histories of these effect which provide a direct social proof to the statement of the title of this post. Here is the second most important Sanskrit’s phrase to learn (pronunciation is the most important):

(See all the most important Sanskrit’s phrases to learn here )



“In the vicinity of Yoga
(the experience of the Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field)
hostile, conflicting tendencies are eliminated.”


The exactly meaning of the first sentence has been translated (by Maharishi) in the following website.

Maharishi vedic pandits

In this website, it says:

The principal Vedic text of Yoga — the Yoga Sutras — describes how peace can be created through the experience of transcending:


“In the vicinity of Yoga
(the experience of the Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field)
hostile, conflicting tendencies are eliminated.”


When, through advanced meditation, Transcendental Consciousness is enlivened by a sufficiently large group, the ‘vicinity of Yoga’ – the region benefiting from the peaceful influense – extends to the whole world. This is the strategy of the Global Peace Initiative.



 This phrase “TAT SANNIDHAU VAIRATYAGAH” is important. Why?

Let see one example below.

A lot of people are caught in the trap of ‘shaniti’ and ‘saade saati’ (Inauspicious Planetary effects)

This is true. Planets do affect us. However, people say that for ‘Sadhaks’ (People on the Spiritual path), the effect is minimum. And for devotees, the effect is negligible. The planets will have very little effect. That is why, when you do transcendental meditation, you attend the state of yog when you transcend. Then hostility including the influence of the planets will be neutralized or eliminated.


Scientific Proofs for the statement ( “TAT SANNIDHAU VAIRATYAGAH” )

We not only have the social proof above, we also have the proof of the truth of this statement in three different level of life below.

  1. This neutralization of disharmony actually is the phenomenon of the Meissner Effect in Physics:


2.  The same effect can be found in the Science of orientation which is called the Vastu Shield Effect:


3. We found that the coherent phenomenon actually occur on the personal level.



This figure shows the effect on the electrical activity of the brain of this experience of the unified field within during this fourth state of human consciousness. At the top of the figure is a top view of the brain, and at the bottom is a frontal view of the brain. The small dots positioned on the scalp indicate the location of electrodes measuring the electrical signals of the brain. In a few places, we see bars connecting these dots, indicating that these neighboring points in the brain are communicating with each other—that is, that there is coherent, correlated, integrated functioning among neighboring regions of the brain. But on the left-hand side of the chart—in agitated, normal waking consciousness—we see very little such coherence.

In contrast, on the right-hand side of the chart, we see the very same individual, three months later. And this individual is now practicing Maharishi’s Transcendental Meditation program. In this case, we see the same electrodes measuring the electrical activity of the brain, but now there are bars connecting virtually every single electrode—indicating that the entire brain now is communicating and functioning in a highly correlated and integrated way. We see strong correlation between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, between the frontal and occipital lobes of the brain, and between the temporal and parietal lobes of the brain, such that the entire brain is functioning in concert.

Brain Imaging of Transcendental Meditation – Dr. Robert Schneider


The effects of invincibility generated by the coherent from the collective coherence of the individual can be verified on physical level, personal level, social level and national level above, we can conclude the statement “TAT SANNIDHAU VAIRATYAGAH” is the truth.

Application to solve the problem of Peace in Middle East

Interview with Dr. Paul Potter on Permanent Peace Program in Middle East

Preventing terrorism

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