Consciousness is the Unified Field – quantum physicist John Hagelin

The discovery of Unifield Field is Consciousness is the most important discovery in science.

Through the eye we see,

Through the ear we hear,

Through the mind we think.


Consciousness is a field. And field effects of consciousness—i.e., long-range, society-wide effects of consciousness—are to be expected, and indeed have been observed and reported in the extensive published research on collective consciousness presented on this website.

In this (or any) field model of consciousness, it follows that the radiated power—and resulting societal effects—emanating from a group of meditators will grow as the square of the number of meditators in the group (i.e., grow quadratically, as opposed to linearly). This is because the amplitude (height) of a wave is equal to the sum of all the contributing waves that occupy a common space. Yet the power of that resulting, combined wave is proportional to the square of the height of that wave. This is why, for example, the volume of two loudspeakers playing monaural sound in close proximity to each other is two-squared—or four times—the sound of a single loudspeaker. It is also why the intensity of laser light grows as the square of the number of photons in the beam. This is a universal principle of wave behavior, known as constructive interference. The resulting N-squared growth of the coherent influence of a meditating group is well documented in the published literature. This N-squared effect makes it highly practical to generate a substantial peace-creating effect with even a relatively small number of meditating participants when they are gathered in a group.

From:  Global Union of Scientists for Peace


Let’s first take a look at the relationship between Unified Field with the most precise and most abstract form of mathematics.

The hierarchical structure of mathematical logic. The natural numbers (or “counting numbers”) are the most familiar, concrete, and intuitively accessible numerical system, well suited to day-to-day human interactions. The addition of the number “0” (the additive identity) by early Indian mathematicians elevates the natural numbers to the whole numbers—a slightly more complete and logically more powerful framework, if somewhat more abstract. The addition of negative numbers to form the integers results in a system that is closed under subtraction—i.e., in which the operation of subtraction can, for the first time, be properly defined. The addition of fractions results in the rational numbers, in which the operation of division can be properly defined. The resulting, more complete and powerful mathematical framework is suitable for accounting and most other practical purposes and endeavors. All the above four numerical systems constitute infinite sets of the same size. Between any two fractions there are an infinite number of “irrational” numbers that cannot be expressed as fractions. The addition of these irrational numbers fills out the gaps in the number line, and constitutes what are called the real numbers, or the continuum. The real numbers constitute a higher order of infinity than the rational numbers, and are key to the formulation of calculus and for comprehending and pursuing the physical sciences, such as classical mechanics. Still more abstract than the inexpressible irrational numbers are the imaginary numbers, which, when added to the reals, give rise to the complex numbers. The complex numbers are essential for formulating quantum mechanics and for understanding the world at the molecular and atomic levels. After the complex numbers come what are called function spaces, limits of function spaces, and products of function spaces, all representing progressively higher orders of infinity. These are necessary for the proper formulation and understanding of physics at the quantum-field-theoretic and deeper levels. Beyond the largest possible infinity that can be conceived by the human intellect lies theUniverse of Sets, an infinity which transcends all mathematically definable infinities, and includes them all.


Dr. John Hagelin had made a nice presentation



Unified Field Chart of Physics


In above picture:

Level 5 and level 4 are classical physics

Level 3 is quantum mechanics physics

Level 2 is quantum field theory physics

Level 1 is Unified Field physics









The Unified Field

Let me first emphasize that the discovery of the unified field is not a philosophical development. It is a scientific development of the foremost order—a rigorous mathematical development based upon the Lagrangian of the unified field, a highly compact mathematical formula that describes the self-interacting dynamics of unity at the basis of all the diverse laws of nature governing the universe. From the simple, compact formula shown at the top of Figure 2 (below), one can systematically derive all the emerging laws of nature that are the subjects of study in different scientific disciplines. For example, at the bottom of Figure 2, we see the supersymmetric grand unified field theory emerging from the Lagrangian of the superstring through a series of rigorous mathematical transformations that allow us to derive the grand unified level from the dynamics of the superstring.

The Lagrangian (Formula) of the Unified Field, or “Superstring”

The Lagrangian (Formula) of the Unified Field or "Superstring"

 This simple formula shows the curvature of space, Gμν, on the left—which is the gravitational force that controls the motion of the body, or the stress energy tensor of the body, Tμν, in the middle of the equation. This force of gravity is influenced, and in turn the body is influenced, through the introduction of an impulse at the level of the unified field, shown on the right-hand side of this equation in the term gμν, the metric tensor, multiplied by Λ, the so-called cosmological constant. This cosmological constant is a manifestation of a level of nature’s functioning that is beyond space, beyond time, beyond particle, beyond force, and beyond energy. It’s a purely unmanifest impulse at the level of the unified field that is given the name quintessence in the language of modern science—but it shows how an impulse at the level of unity influences the curvature of space-time, Gμν, and in turn can cause the body to rise in the air. These mathematics simply demonstrate how human awareness, properly trained through these advanced technologies of consciousness derived from Vedic science, can gain access to and control of this most fundamental level of natural law—the unified field at the basis of all the laws of nature governing the universe.

Self-Interacting Dynamics of the Unified Field

The Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature discovered by modern quantum physics is a completely self-interacting, self-referral field (refer also to the section “Discovery of the Unified Field“). Although the property of self-interaction of the Unified Field can be compared with corresponding types of non-linear dynamics at more superficial levels— like non-linearly interacting fields, auto-catalytic feedback loops, or cyclic homeostatic feed-back loops—the dynamics of the Unified Field is unique because it displays the property of complete or pure self-interaction.

Even some specific quantum fields that are referred to as ‘self-interacting’ fields—like the Higgs fields and the gluon field—do not have the property of pure self-interaction. For the case of a Higgs field the Feynman graphs below demonstrate classical ‘self-interaction’ through the meeting point of several lines (pertaining all to the same field) and quantum-mechanical ‘self-interaction’ by the repeated looping. However, this type of ‘self-interaction’ is not pure self-interaction because, as shown in the formula, the propagating Higgs field also interacts with the space-time geometry.


In contrast, the infinite series of loops in the graphics below represent the infinite quantum-mechanical self-interaction of the Unified Field (see also the formula in the Note for the Expert in Quantum Physics); and the following formula of Superstring Field Theory shows that the Superstring Field—the Unified Field—is interacting with itself alone and with nothing else: this means pure self-interaction. In particular the Unified Field creates its own space-time geometry through its self-interacting dynamics.

Langrangian of the Superstring Field formula


Three-in-One Structure

In physics the description of the dynamics at the classical level is characterized by the fact that classical objects with fixed properties are referred to a classical space-time. In contrast, the pure self-interaction of the Unified Field at the most fundamental quantum-mechanical level implies that one has neither classical objects with fixed properties nor a classical space-time geometry to which events can be referred.

This has enormous consequences. In order to establish sequentially progressing series of events (so-called histories), quantum measurement theory requires a series of ‘measurement situations’ where correlations between values of observables are established. In the context of quantum cosmology this leads to the conclusion that the self-interacting unified wholeness at the level of the Unified Field expresses itself in a characteristic three-in-one structure: (1) ‘Effective Observers’ or ‘Information Gathering and Utilizing Systems—IGUSes’ establish (2) ‘Quantum Correlations’ between themselves and (3) ‘States of Objects of Observation’.

It is essential to emphasize that quantum cosmology makes no real fundamental division into observers and observed. The three components of the ‘measurement process’ emerge from a unified description and in this way one has a real three-in-one structure.

A simple and yet most basic example that demonstrates from a slightly different angle how this type of three-in-one structure can arise has been given by T. Banks and is depicted by means of a series of formulas at the bottom of the chart (left side). The (1) space-time geometry emerges as the ‘screen’ to which the (3) states of the non-gravitational fields are referred. The (2) time parameter quantifies the ‘quantum correlation’ between these two aspects.

Identifying the Unified Field as the Field of Pure Consciousness

The property of pure self-interaction of the Unified Field together with the resulting three-in-one structure of the ‘measurement process’ in quantum cosmology implies that the Unified Field generates sequentially progressing series of events through the process of pure self-observation. This quality of pure self-observation in turn means that the non-material, quantum-mechanical Unified Field can be identified as the field of pure self-referral consciousness.

Maharishi’s Vedic Technology of Consciousness—the Technology to Create Invincibility for Every Nation

Maharishi’s Vedic Technology, Transcendental Meditation, offering the subjective approach, has succeeded in fathoming the total subjective field of consciousness—the field of Atma, the Self of every individual.

The experience and utilization of the field of pure consciousness—which has been identified as the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature—result in the enlivenment of the holistic evolutionary qualities of the Unified Field in all areas of individual and collective life. This expresses itself in profound benefits for the individual—such as increased intelligence and creativity, better health, decreased anxiety, increased self-actualization, better job performance, etc.—and thereby makes the individual successful in all avenues of life. Moreover, on the collective level this expresses itself in increased harmony and the strengthening of collective consciousness of the nation (see the sections on the Maharishi Effect). As a result the nation rises to a supreme state of invincibility.



First International Conference on Invincible Defense:
Scientific Principles to Create Invincibility for Every Nation and Lasting World Peace

Page 9: The Self-Referral, Self-Interacting Dynamic Structure of the Unified Field: The Invincible Basis of Nature’s Functioning

More photos:


Sequential Unfoldment of Unity


Consciousness is the knower, the known and the process of knowing, the three in one structure of consciousness.

Conceptually, the relationships amongst those 3 is Eight.

For example: The Schrodinger wave equation for the first 3 eigenvalues and eigenstates of an electron with

effective mass m=0.07xm(o) confined to the periodic potential consisting of the eight quantum wells

of width 6.25nm. The first of eight states form the lowest energy allowed band in the periodic potential.


Among those eight (relationships) are 5 fundamental elements.

When those 5 are seen from the perspective of Ego, intellect and Mind, those

five become the seed of five senses, five organs of actions and five elements.

The five elements: The Mahabhutas [Elements]: Prithivi [Earth]/Vayu [Air]/Tejas [Fire]/Apas [Water]/Akasha [Space]

From <>

Einstein’s Equations with Cosmological Constant Allow Command Over Gravity from the Level of the Unified Field

Einstein’s Equations with Cosmological Constant Allow Command Over Gravity from the Level of the Unified Field




“There is a striking structural and functional correspondence between these five tanmatras and the five quantum-mechanical spin types of a unified quantum field theory:

  • between the akasha or “space” tanmatra and the spin 2 – gravitational field;
  • between the vayu or “air” tanmatra, which stands as a link between space and the other tanmatras, and the spin 3/2 -gravitino field;
  • between the tejas or “fire” tanmatra, responsible for chemical transformations and the sense of sight, and the spin-1 force fields and;
  • between the apas or “water” tanmatras, and the spin-1/2 matter field
  • Between the prithivi or “earth” tanmatras and the spin-0 matter fields, respectively”.


5 Elements 5 Spin types in Physics
Akasha (Space) spin 2 – gravitational field
Vayu (Air) spin 3/2 -gravitino field
Tejas (Fire) spin-1 force fields
Apas (Water) spin-1/2 matter field
Prithivi (Earth) spin-0 matter fields




How matter arises from consciousness

One of the central concepts described in classical Ayurvedic texts is known as Panchamahabhuta. This describes how matter arises from consciousness. What is particularly interesting in this theory is the description of the finer layers of our physiology of matter.


In this theory, the universe’s origin is avyakta, “unmanifest”—the unmanifest unified field of pure consciousness. Arising from this field (the Self) are the various levels of the physiology of consciousness: ego, intellect, mind, and senses. These levels form the “anatomy” of consciousness. They are broad principles and structures of natural law at the foundation of everything in creation—the basis for the physiology of matter of the entire universe, which includes the human body.


As the laws of nature sequentially unfold through the self-interacting dynamics of pure consciousness, Maharishi explains how eventually the structures of natural law take on a concrete form, and consciousness gives rise to matter:

“Through sequential development consciousness unfolds itself into the value of matter; consciousness becomes matter. The Self becomes mind, and mind becomes matter. We see this in modem physiology, when the DNA and RNA give rise to all the proteins, which in turn structure the body systems. This transformation of the field of pure knowledge rising from DNA as the impulse of information in RNA, to RNA becoming protein and protein becoming the whole material system is the description of consciousness becoming matter.”—Maharishi


There is thus a transition point in the sequential unfoldment of natural law, at which the subjective physiology of consciousness gives rise to the objective physiology of matter. Maharishi explains that this, too, is a self-referral process. He describes how this intimate and delicate connection between consciousness and matter takes place at the point when the subjective impulse of thought is becoming translated, through the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), into RNA (ribonucleic acid) and then into proteins, including neuropeptides, that comprise the biochemistry of thought.


“This transformation is sequential but always self-referral. It is like the airplane flying but always remaining self-referral to the ground station through the radio. All the activities of DNA, RNA, protein, and the whole system are always self-referral. When a mosquito comes and immediately the hand moves, it is the DNA that orders, “Look here! the danger is coming, you get up.” This performance is self-referral because consciousness, intelligence, is developing itself into different expressions of its own nature and there is a continuity between matter and pure consciousness—the Self, the mind, and the body.” –Maharishi


In this progression from Self to mind to body, we can look in finer detail at what happens at the transition point from subjectivity to objectivity. From the perspective of Panchamahabhuta theory in Maharishi Ayurveda, the finest level of matter in creation is described in terms of five basic constituents: akasha (space), vayu (air), agni (fire), jal(water), and prithivi (earth). (The term tejas is also sometimes used for fire, the term apas for water. Pancha means “five”; thus the term panchamahabhuta means “five elements.”) These five basic constituents have a subtle and a gross aspect. The subtle aspect is referred to as the five tanmatras and the gross aspect as the five mahabhutas.The five tanmatras are associated with the five senses. On the borderline between consciousness and matter, the senses are still within the subjective physiology of consciousness, and Maharishi explains that the tanmatras are the finest material expression of these five principles of nature.


“The tanmatras constitute the five basic realities, or essences, of the objects of the five senses of perception. They express themselves in the five elements which go to make up the objects of the senses and which provide the material basis of the entire objective universe. Thus the essence of sound (shabd tanmatra) expresses itself in space, the essence of touch (sparsh tanmatra) in air, the essence of form (rup tanmatra) in fire, the essence of taste (ras tanmatra) in water, and the essence of smell (gandh tanmatra) in earth. . . . The tanmatras mark the dividing line between the subjective and objective creation. In the process of evolution, . . . the subjective creation comes to an end and the objective creation begins. The tanmatras, forming as they do the basis of the five elements, lie in the grossest field of the subjective aspect of creation.”—Maharishi


The five mahabhutas (akasha, vayu, etc.) are the same principles, found at a slightly more concrete level of the physiology of matter. Maharishi explains that they are the “elements out of which material creation is constituted”; the entire material creation evolves from these five fundamental elements. They are considered the building blocks from which matter arises. In terms of our modem scientific understanding of the body, these concepts are perhaps more the concern of the most advanced and abstract areas of physics, having to do with the mechanics of nature that underlie biological functioning.


Dr. John Hagelin, director of the physics program at Maharishi University of Management and one of the world’s leading physicists in the area of unified quantum field theories, has interpreted the Panchamahabhuta theory in the terms of modern physics. Dr. Hagelin is also an expert in Maharishi’s Vedic Science and Technology, and in two articles, “Is Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist’s Perspective,” and “Restructuring Physics from its Foundation in Light of Maharishi’s Vedic Science,” he outlines the discovery of the unified field and its relationship to consciousness. In his discussion he makes use not only of the latest knowledge of modem quantum physics, but also of “the very complete description of the unified field and its self-interacting dynamics provided by Vedic Science as formulated by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.” In discussing the elementary particles and forces of nature, Dr. Hagelin explains that Maharishi’s Vedic Science “provides a very natural and compact language of nature which is also based directly on the unified field.”



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